Apex Legends players want update to charms & skins as Respawn look into revamp

Jaret Kappelman
Apex Legends players want update to Charms & skins as Respawn look into revamp
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Apex Legends players have access to tons of different cosmetics in the game. From weapon and character skins to charms, there are a bunch of different things to customize the way you play. As the list grows players want a revamp to the menu as it is hard to view all their current charms and skins.

Season 10 and the Evolution Collection event have brought in a bunch of new cosmetics for players to unlock, purchase, and use.

Before jumping into a game players can equip different skins for their weapons and characters on top of adding charms to their guns. With over 300 charms and tons of skins, the list continues to get longer and longer.

While the game is constantly updating it is leaving certain aspects outdated and the community wants to see a specific change to charms as it continues to grow.

Apex Charms Menu
Respawn Entertainment
There are over 300 charms in the game and players want the menu revamped.

Apex Legends players await cosmetic menu revamp

Players have been waiting for quite some time now on a revamp for the weapons and character customization menu.

Earlier in 2021, the devs responded to a Reddit thread saying that they are aware that with more skins and charms being added the list is getting longer to scroll through.


The community is complaining that there are over 300 charms and to scroll down the entire list takes ages. Not only that, when scrolling you need to click on each charm and skin to be able to preview it on a weapon.

Despite nearly half a year waiting for this to happen players are still wondering if this supposed overhaul is coming to Apex.

Even though the devs said this was something they were looking at, it still seems that it could be a couple of months away. With Season 11 on the horizon, players remain hopeful that the menu revamp is coming soon.