Apex Legends players want Overwatch-style equipment skins added

Julian Young
Apex Legends Crypto Drone Overwatch Dva Waveracer Combo Blended

Players love showing off their coolest character and weapon skins in Apex Legends, and a clever concept shared on Reddit would takes the game’s customization options one step further by incorporating skins for each Legend’s unique equipment.

A huge part of any game is the ability for players to customize the look of their characters, and Apex Legends is no different. Since launch, Respawn have provided hundreds of weapon and Legend skins for players to use when expressing their sense of style in-game.

Respawn’s battle royale provides players with a near-constant offering of new items to acquire for their favorite Legends. Between in-game event exclusives, frequent store rotations, and new battle pass items added every season, there are plenty of options for players to pick and choose from.

While there are plenty of skins already in the game, some fans want Respawn to take their customization offering to the next level. In a post shared to Reddit, ‘u/DimSpartanJ13’ suggests Respawn could add a whole new category of skins for each Legend’s character-specific equipment.

Apex Legends Bangalore Smoke Launcher
Equipment customization in Apex Legends could include items like Bangalore’s smoke launcher.

In their post, u/DimSpartanJ13 provided several examples of what they think Respawn could do to add some additional customization options for players. “Lifeline’s drone, Crypto’s drone, Revenant’s totem, Bangs’ smoke launcher, [and] Caustic’s Gas trap,” are all noted for their potential to have unique skins.

U/DimSpartanJ13 also included several images representing some of the equipment pieces mentioned in the post. This should give players an idea of what they see now, and allow them to imagine what some different skins might look like if they were applied to those pieces of equipment.

The proposed system would be similar to what exists in other titles already, namely Overwatch. Blizzard Entertainment has a long history of providing their players with eye-popping character skins, and these usually apply to each Hero’s unique equipment as well (D.Va’s Tokki mech, for example).

While most responses to the post expressed support for the idea, there were some questions on how a system like this could affect gameplay. Some players worried that issues could come up like different skins for Lifeline’s D.O.C. drone causing her teammates to miss it if they weren’t paying close enough attention.

Other responses offered solutions to these issues. “There is no reason why Apex can’t have these abilities [equipment] skins. Overwatch does it too,” one user pointed out. Having the equipment skin only be visible for the player using it (and their teammates) is one easy solution to avoid potential balancing issues.

Respawn hadn’t commented on the post at the time of writing. While this appears to be wishful thinking for the moment, there have been leaks suggesting Respawn is already looking into additional rarities of weapon skins, so players could see a system like this implemented at some point in the future.

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