Apex Legends ban wave catches hundreds of high-ranked players cheating

Crypto looking into his hacking screen in Apex Legends artworkRespawn/EA

Respawn Entertainment have, once again, swung the banhammer and banned some of Apex Legends’ highest-ranked players in another wave of bans. 

Just like in other battle royales, cheaters can run wild in Apex Legends despite Respawn doing their best to try and root out the issues. 

Typically, these cheats come in the form of aimbots and wallhacks, and while they can be found in normal public matches, there are some players who decide to up the ante and take the hacks into Ranked Leagues play.

Recently, two of the game’s highest-ranked players were outed as cheaters after Respawn’s security lead Conor Ford, aka RSPN_Hideouts, dished out some bans. And now he’s back with another raft of bans for cheaters.

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Caustic using Caustic Gas in Apex Legends artworkRespawn/EA
Some Apex Legends players have been using cheats to gain the upper hand over their opponents.

On January 30, the Respawn security lead tweeted that he was on the tail of cheaters once again, with some of the cheaters he was after this time being ranked at Platinum and higher in Apex’s Ranked Leagues. 

“I’m hopping on tonight to clean house. I have about 240 people that are platinum and above that will be banned and will be monitoring for a majority of the night,” he posted. 

The announcement that he was swinging the ban hammer sparked plenty of positive replies, as well as questions. One fan asked if it was for all regions, to which Hideouts gave a simple response of yes. 

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As of writing, it’s a little difficult to tell as to who got banned. None of the pros have called anybody out as they have before, so it’s likely a group of inconsequential players. 

On Reddit, Hideouts explained that an exploit allowing high ranking players will be fixed in Season 8, “so we should hopefully see less in the higher-ranked lobbies.”

Bans for cheaters are, obviously, welcomed by the community and are a positive step to cleaning the game up. But, it’s difficult to fully root them out. At the end of the day, despite all of Hideouts’ work, if cheaters want to cheat, they’ll probably find a way to do so.

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