Apex Legends players want Mario Kart LTM after viral Trident racing clip

Bill Cooney
Nintendo/Respawn Ent.

A viral clip of Apex Legends’ new Trident vehicles has led to calls for Respawn to add a limited-time racing mode similar to Mario Kart, and from the video, it does look like it would be extremely fun.

Ever since the Trident was added to Apex, it’s been assumed that, eventually, players would attempt to race them around and not only has that happened, but it’s given fans a great idea for a new LTM at the same time.

A clip from YouTuber ‘ItsEazy_HQ’ showing a group of players racing the hovercraft overlaid with Mario Kart effects quickly went viral on Reddit, and it doesn’t take much imagination to see how a racing mode could be put in.

“This needs to be added as a permanent game mode, this is so good” one user replied, and seeing as how it’s the most-upvoted comment, plenty of people agreed. But how would something like this actually work?

Well, the Trident already comes with a temporary boost ability, which takes care of the red mushroom item. Not only that, but the chosen path around Olympus in the clip works very well as a racetrack already — and with a few changes it could be almost perfect.

There are also several items and abilities that could be incorporated directly from Apex as well. Take Octane’s Launch Pads for instance — they can already boost the vehicle in the air, so why not have pre-placed pads across the width of the track at certain points to make things interesting?

Additionally, Horizon’s Gravity Lift ability can also boost the craft, and her Black Hole ultimate can trap it in place, perfect to get that annoying second-place racer off of your tail.

Apex Legends Trident
Respawn Entertainment
A Trident racing LTM could be legendary if it was done right.

Crypto’s Drone EMP, Wattson’s Perimeter Fences, and the Arc Star can also stun the Trident for five seconds each, definitely not what you want to happen as you’re putting the pedal to the metal.

While there’s plenty of potential here (and we haven’t even talked about the skins and cosmetics that could come out of this), Respawn has shown no signs of introducing a Mario Kart-inspired special mode or event just yet.