Apex Legends players want Fortnite feature to get into games faster

David Purcell
fortnite and apex legends players together

Apex Legends players have called for Respawn Entertainment to take a leaf out of Epic Games’ book and take a simple lobby feature from Fortnite Battle Royale.

With Season 14 just around the corner for the Apex Legends community, fans have been suggesting lots of changes they would like to see in the next major update, which rolls out on August 9.

While the patch notes list a boatload of new content coming in the 14th chapter of Respawn’s battle royale title, there’s still a wealth of ideas coming from players.

One thing they would like to see come over from Fortnite, for example, is a feature to help the speed between games.

Apex Legends want Fortnite feature in future update

On August 2, Reddit user okeybudbud suggested that Respawn look at the options available in other BR games for inspiration.

They said: “Why doesn’t Apex Legends have this?” along with a photo of Fortnite gameplay.

The screen shows multiple options, including ‘Stay With Team’ – meaning if everybody in your lobby presses A/X, they will all auto-fill spots in the next game after the current session has ended.

Another advantage this has is that you can opt-in for another game with randoms you met online very easily.

In Apex Legends, this is not an option available to players, meaning after every win or loss they are required to back out to the lobby screen and start over.

A flood of comments followed the post, which received over 2,200 upvotes. One person said: “You can invite people [in Apex ] you previously played with to your lobby. That’s only if they have the option enabled on their account.”

This method is slower, though. Another joked: “Be happy if it even loads you in with a teammate.”

Whether or not this simple change will ever be implemented in Apex Legends remains to be seen, but some will be crossing their fingers for the Season 14 update.