Apex Legends want fan-favorite Hop-Up to return in Season 14

Philip Trahan
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Respawn Entertainment

With Apex Legends Season 14 ‘Hunted’ on the horizon, players want one particular Hop-Up back to shake up some fan-favorite weapons.

Apex Legends Season 14 will arrive on August 9, 2022, and many fans are itching to see the new updates coming to the battle royale.

While members of the community know some details about the changes coming in Season 14 like the increased level cap and the new Legend Vantage, there’s still a for Respawn to reveal.

One change a lot of players are hoping to see in a future update is the return of one specific Hop-Up: the Selectfire Reciever.

Apex Legends players want the Selectfire Reciever back

The Selectfire Reciever saw a lot of use on the Prowler SMG in the early seasons of Apex Legends.

The discussion surrounding the Selectfire Reciever started thanks to Reddit user Status-Apple7509, who made a post to the Apex Legends subreddit about missing the option for the Prowler.

The post quickly gained traction among the community, with players reminiscing about how helpful the Hop-Up was in the earlier seasons of the game.

“Am I the only one that misses Select Fire for turning the Havoc into a nicer Charge Rifle/Tripletake?” asked user mahtats.

Plenty of players also echoed the sentiment that they missed it on the Havoc specifically, such as Minimob0 who explained: “3x scope on the Havoc with Selectfire was my main…It was like having 3 different weapons on you at all times, and I miss it so much.”

apex legends prowler reddit screenshot
Reddit: Status-Apple7509

Some even speculated that the Selectfire Reciever is set to make a return to Apex Legends soon.

“I think it’s coming back this season…Based on the new season trailer, when Newcastle was about to shoot Vantage, we can see that he was charging up his Havoc,” explained DubbyMazlo.

Those rumors, though, have no foundation at the time of writing.

While it’s clear a lot of players want this Hop-Up to return, fans will just have to wait and see if it’s back in the loot pool when Season 14 launches on August 9, 2022.