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Apex Legends

Apex Legends players suggest simple fix for most useless weapon scope

Published: 26/Apr/2020 13:06 Updated: 26/Apr/2020 13:07

by Andy Williams


There are a handful of scopes and sights to use in Apex Legends, but there is one in particular that is generally snubbed by players and could do with an overhaul.

While Legend choice is essential in Apex Legends, one element of gameplay that can ultimately determine your success is obviously your loot.

The sight that you equip on your weapon can often be a game-changer, with a variety of HCOG, Holo and Variable sights available for your go-to weapon.

Mirage looking down weapon barrel in Apex Legends.
PlayApex (Twitter)
What is your go-to scope of choice in Apex Legends?

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Although there’s one particular scope that is grinding the gears of some players, which has sparked the demand for a change. The culprit? The 6x Sniper Scope.


While World’s Edge offers longer lines of sight than its predecessor, Kings Canyon, the scope is still somewhat cumbersome to use, especially on the G7 Scout.

If you come across an enemy a close-to-medium range, the 6x scope will do you no favors. Of course, you could whip out your secondary, but with the fast-paced nature of the Apex Games, an enemy will usually dispatch you quicker than Octane can whip out a stim.

So what could be done to combat that? Well, for starters, don’t use the 6x Sniper Scope unless you’re playing super conservative. Or, as one savvy Redditor suggested, Respawn could add a notch to the scope to account for medium-range engagements.


6x Sniper Scope adjustment.
STRADD838 (Reddit) / EA
Replacing the 6x with a 3-6x Variable Scope would make the weapon attachment much more versatile.

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One user, who is a Wraith main (so will likely be getting up close and personal) commented: “I’d do a 3/6. Hate the 6x and will take a 2/4 or even 3x over it any day.”

Another user responded that they’d be happy to use a 3x scope on the vast majority of weapons, aside from close-quarters weapons like shotguns.

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Of course, a 3-6x Variable Scope would make for a much more rewarding experience with a Sniper Rifle, and would perfectly bridge the gap between the 2-4x AOG and the 4-8x Sniper Scope currently in play.


Given just how beneficial it would be to have a 3-6x in your arsenal, its rarity might need bumping up from ‘Rare’ to ‘Epic’ to compensate for the added flexibility provided.