Apex Legends players find secret Pathfinder nerf that must be a mistake

Alex Garton
Pathfinder nerf Apex Legends

Pathfinder has been secretly nerfed in the Apex Legends Beast of Prey update, and it involves his fan-favorite zipline Ultimate.

A member of the original Apex Legends roster, Pathfinder is definitely one of the most iconic characters in the Outlands.

Not only that but the Forward’s Scout popularity is also reflected in his incredible pick rate, which sits at an impressive 9.2% in Season 14.

Despite this, Respawn didn’t feel the need to make any changes to Pathfinder’s kit in the Beast of Prey Collection Event, so no buffs or nerfs were mentioned for him in the patch notes.

However, after jumping into a game after the Collection Event, Pathfinder mains quickly realized that he’d been hit with a secret nerf.

Pathfinder Apex Legends
Pathfinder has a 9.2% pick rate in Season 14.

Pathfinder hit with secret nerf in Beast of Prey update

Discovered and showcased by Apex Legends YouTuber Skeptation, it seems Respawn has nerfed Pathfinder’s zipline Ultimate.

The Forward Scout can no longer bounce between double zip lines, an advanced movement mechanic that a lot of Pathfinder mains used to avoid enemy fire and make outplays.

While before you could maintain your momentum going forward and jumping between both lines, now attempting to do the technique will stop you in your tracks by pushing you into the air.

There was no mention of this nerf in the Beast of Prey patch notes, so a lot of Pathfinder players are extremely frustrated and confused about why the devs would remove this.

There’s no denying this is a niche mechanic and its removal will only affect dedicated Pathfinder mains, but taking away any technique from a Legend’s kit is a huge deal for those who have mastered them completely.

It’s possible this is a mistake from Respawn similar to the accidental removal of tap-strafing in the past.

If that’s the case, hopefully, the devs will roll out a patch in the near future to resolve the issue.

However, if this was a deliberate nerf, it’s definitely not going to go down well with the huge community of Pathfinder mains who love pushing his kit to the limits.

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