Apex Legends players discover ghosts haunting Olympus After Dark map

Apex Legends ghosts spottedRespawn Entertainment

Ghosts have been spotted in Apex Legends haunting the Olympus After Dark map and the paranormal activity has been spooking a lot of players.

Apex Legends’ Fight or Fright event kicked off on October 4 and as always, Respawn has gone the extra mile to celebrate the spooky holiday.

With three different LTMs on rotation over the course of four weeks and the debut of the Olympus After Dark map, Respawn has definitely knocked the update out of the park.

Despite all of this new content, it’s often the smaller details that garner the most attention from the community, especially when they’re mysterious and hard to spot.

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Well, that’s certainly the case this Halloween, as players have noticed the Olympus After Dark map is haunted by ghosts, but you have to keep your eyes peeled to spot them.

Apex Legends Halloween eventRespawn Entertainment
Ghosts have been spotted haunting various POIs on Olympus After Dark.

Ghosts discovered on Olympus After Dark in Apex Legends

One of the most exciting additions from the recent Halloween update is without a doubt Olympus After Dark.

Respawn has transformed the lush map into a mysterious, spooky, and eerie location that has players on the edge of their seats in every skirmish.

Not only that, it turns out players aren’t the only beings on Olympus After Dark map, as competitors have spotted ghosts haunting a variety of POIs.

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These blue paranormal entities only appear for brief few seconds, so you’ll have to be constantly on the lookout to spot one.

As showcased in @volucris_liga’s clip above, there seem to be a lot of them located around the Rift POI, so head over there if you’d like to take a closer look at the ghosts.

While these mysterious apparitions are easy to ignore if you’ve seen them before, there’s no doubt they’re going to trick a few players into thinking an enemy is nearby.

Either way, this easter egg has got a lot of players excited and it’s these details that make Respawn’s maps so interesting.

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