Apex Legends players demand Overwatch 2 style changes to ranked

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Respawn Entertainment is being urged by Apex Legends ranked players to “take note” of how Overwatch 2 is changing its competitive modes.

Apex Legends players are a dedicated bunch, with hardcore fans grinding the ranked ladder every day since the shooter launched over three years ago now.

Although developer Respawn Entertainment has offered changes to the ranked system, the EA-published title still has continually left players wanting more.

Now, a new Overwatch 2 ranked feature has caught players’ attention, and many would like to see it come to the well-loved game.

Apex Legends players want Overwatch 2 ranked feature

Apex players on the game’s subreddit page told Respawn to “take notes” from Overwatch 2’s new requirement to win 50 quick play games in order to unlock the competitive queue game mode.

In the comment section, many Apex Legends players shared their thoughts about what it would mean if their game had the same requirement.

Although winning 50 casual matches on Apex Legends would take an absurd amount of time, Apex fans simply demand a barrier of entry to the game’s ranked mode.

One user said, “Apex mobile has a similar requirement. Can’t believe a mobile version has a better format than “normal” one.”

Another noted, “It’s really an issue how quickly you get to play ranked. It’s part of the reason cheaters and Smurfs are such an issue. It literally takes like 2-3 hours to get to the level needed to go into ranked games.”

An Apex Legends fan jokingly added, “The last thing that Respawn needs to do is to take notes from Blizzard, lol.”

Despite players not wanting an exact version of Overwatch 2’s barrier of entry introduced into Apex Legends, dedicated fans would like to see a stronger barrier of entry implemented to protect the sanctity of the ranked ladder.

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