Apex Legends players debate most OP weapon after Spitfire & Prowler nerfs

Apex Legends Rampart using Rampage LMGRespawn Entertainment

The debate over which gun is the most OP in Apex Legends has raged for some time, and now with changes in Season 10, it’s as lively as ever.

Just like with every other multiplayer game, the weapons in Apex Legends have been subjected to a huge number of balancing changes. Each season, the arsenal of guns goes through a series of buffs and nerfs.

With the start of Season 10, it was the Spitfire and Prowler which suffered the most, both being nerfed quite significantly. This, of course, changed the meta, seeing as the Spitfire was especially popular.

The Flatline has always been a strong choice in Apex, but with those changes, it has been thrust into the spotlight. Some fans naturally want it to be nerfed, but that isn’t the case for everyone.

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Bangalore Apex Legends buffRespawn Entertainment
Season 10 of Apex Legends introduced the Rampage LMG to the game.

For some players, the Flatline is “perfectly balanced” and its weapons like the Rampage that should be feeling the heat of a potential nerf from Respawn.

In the case of others, they believe that all balancing should be done around the R301 and Flatline, given their standing in the meta. Those players believe it’s the Peacekeeper that is most in need of a nerf as its power has gotten out of hand.

However, there are plenty of players who claim that the L-Star is the most overpowered weapon and is in need of a nerf just like Seer and the Rampage LMG. “Ranked Arenas is LSTAR only. 0 fking skill, makes me sad,” tweeted SoaR Gaming’s Spooky. “L-Star needs a nerf yesterday my guys,” added one player.

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Ultimately, the community is split on what they believe is the most OP weapon in the battle royale at the minute.

If one weapon starts to stand out above the rest, be it because it’s being exploited, Respawn will liekly implent changes. Though, for now, players will just have to carry on as normal.