Apex Legends players call the Kraber”useless” after Season 14 nerf

Philip Trahan
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With the Kraber nerfed in Apex Legends Season 14, some players think the latest change has made the gun “useless” as a care package weapon.

Apex Legends’ Season 14 patch introduced plenty of buffs and nerfs for both Legends and weapons.

One of the more controversial changes came through a nerf to the Kraber .50 Cal Care Package-exclusive sniper rifle.

Now, some Apex Legends players are debating whether the nerf has made the Kraber “useless” or if it was a necessary change.

Apex Legends players debate Season 14 Kraber nerf

Apex Legends Kraber
The Kraber is the only weapon in Apex Legends that can one-shot opponents with full health and shields.

The discussion spawned from a post on the Apex Legends subreddit, where user GhostxFilter made a post titled which called the Kraber nerf a “mistake.”

They argued that before the Season 14 nerf, the Kraber was balanced thanks to its low spawn rate, slower bullet drop and speed, and the skill required to perform well with the weapon.

They go on to call Season 14’s Kraber “useless” owing to its overall lower damage output.

For those who may not know, the Kraber’s overall damage was reduced from 145 to 140, while the headshot multiplier was changed from 3x to 2x.

This makes it impossible for players to instantly down opponents with a Kraber headshot at full health.

While plenty of players agreed with GhostxFilter’s initial post, many others pushed back on calling the Kraber “useless” now.

“…It still does 140 which is more than enough to break shields instantly and do a decent bit of flesh damage. Also, getting one tapped by a Kraber doesn’t mean the user is skilled in any way, in fact, it’s the complete opposite,” said Endar_Spire.

Others also took issue with the fact that the Kraber was the only weapon in Apex Legends that provided a one-shot kill.

“In my opinion, it is a well-balanced care package weapon now. No other weapon will give you a one-shot kill, and neither should the Kraber,” said spooch001.

Though both sides of the discussion make valid arguments, for now, it doesn’t seem as though Respawn has any intention of boosting the Kraber’s damage back to where it was before Season 14.