Simple Apex Legends Crypto trick lets him heal and charge with drone

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Apex Legends players have discovered that Crypto can heal and recharge shields while controlling his drone at the same time.

Finding the time to heal and charge your shields during an Apex match can be a challenge, but a new trick lets Crypto players multitask with his drone while doing so.

The best part is, it’s not a difficult move to pull off at all, and can be easily added to your in-game routine.

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How to heal and charge shields while using Crypto’s drone

A clip posted to Reddit on May 23 shows exactly how to pull off this Crypto maneuver, which players are already praising as brilliantly clever.

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First, Crypto has to throw out his drone. Then, the small window of time between when the drone is deployed and when it activates is when you start healing, charging shields, or using an ultimate accelerant.

The trick actually works extremely well, since while controlling the drone the charge or healing will continue automatically. Additionally, you can use the drone’s EMP at the same time.

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Crypto Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Crypto’s low pickrate could benefit from this nifty little trick.

While it’s definitely a useful move, some Crypto players weren’t thrilled with it being shared, given the possibility for Respawn to patch it out.

For now though, this strat is still completely viable in Apex. So, if you do want to give Crypto a try, don’t forget to multitask while your scouting with the drone.

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