Ash’s Heirloom has secret door break animation in Apex Legends

Ash Heirloom Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have discovered a secret animation for Ash’s Heirloom when the Incisive Instigator breaks down doors.

Apex Legends’ Sun Squad Collection Event arrived on March 28 and the update introduced a huge amount of new content.

While there’s excitement around all the fresh additions, Ash’s Heirloom is without a doubt getting most of the attention.

As you would expect, the Strongest Link nunchaku has countless special interactions and is extremely satisfying to swing around while navigating the Outlands.

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Of course, it’s the secret and rare animations that truly grab the interest of the community and one has been found for Ash’s Heirloom that triggers occasionally when you break down a door.

Apex Legends AshRespawn Entertainment
Ash has a 4.2% pick rate in Apex Legends Season 16.

Special door animation found for Ash Heirloom in Apex Legends

As showcased by Apex Legends YouTuber Bobz, Ash’s Strongest Link Heirloom has a special door-break melee attack.

Instead of swinging her Heirloom, the Incisive Instigator pulls the sword from her back that she uses to create her Ultimate, and slashes downwards to break the structure.

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It’s worth noting that this interaction will not appear anytime you melee a door, so it may take you a while to get it to trigger.

While this may seem like a relatively minor discovery, it’s these hidden details that make the Heirlooms so special and sought after.

Remember, if you want to get your hands on Ash’s Strongest Link then you need to collect all 24 items in the Sun Squad Collection Event.

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Otherwise, you’ll just have to open packs until you receive 150 Heirlooms shards, which are guaranteed on your 500th pack.

Respawn has certainly raised the bar once again for Heirlooms, so it’ll be interesting to see who gets the next mythic-tier item.

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