Apex Legends pick rates spark fears one Legend will be “extinct” in Season 15

apex legends charactersRespawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment has been urged to take action before Apex Legends Season 15 as players fear one of the game’s Legends is on the brink of extinction.

Pick rates are among the most popular sets of Apex statistics and are regularly monitored by the community, especially when new buffs or nerfs are introduced for a character.

These stats can show when a Legend is being picked more than others and also the trends that form on a season-by-season basis.

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The latest data has been doing the rounds on Reddit as the community fears Crypto is nearing a point of no return, in terms of his popularity.

Apex Legends players want Crypto changes in Season 15

On September 28, a user wrote: “Next season Crypto mains will be extinct.”

The image they uploaded showed a downturn of 10%, meaning a large chunk of Crypto mains have turned their back on the Legend in recent times.

By contrast to the rest of the roster, just 1.2% of players are now jumping into matches as the Surveillance Expert.

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Crypto mains want a buff

Those who now play with other Legends have suggested tweaks that could, once again, boost the popularity of Crypto.

One said: “This might be dumb but after playing Vantage and being able to control her bat I was kind of wishing he could have two buttons one to move his drone and the other to tell his drone where to look so he doesn’t always stay in his drone.”

Another said: “Also, why can’t he heal while he sends his drone out?”

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Back in August, Apex Mobile players left those on console and PC extremely envious after boasting about Crypto’s capabilities in the handheld edition of the game. His “busted” abilities – which include a drone following him – are among the many changes recommended by those not playing Apex Mobile for successive seasons.

With interest in the Recon Legend falling to unprecedented lows and many now worried about his future, it remains to be seen if Respawn will step in with changes for Season 15. Crypto mains will be crossing their fingers meanwhile.

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