Apex Legends movement trick turns players into Tony Hawk

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Movement tricks with a jump pad and full pipe slide allowed one Apex Legends player to channel Tony Hawk.

The crew at Respawn Entertainment cut its teeth on making experiences with sleek movement-based abilities. However, not all of Titanfall’s beloved mobility mechanics migrated to Apex Legends.

Some of the battle royale’s more inventive players have found ways to push the envelope in this regard, though.

For example, the “Snuggle Sliding” or “Snuggle Bouncing” technique lets players bounce off a platform in the opposite direction to gain tremendous speed.

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This classic Titanfall speedrunning trick may take some practice, but other movement techniques should come simple to all players.

Player channels Tony Hawk with Apex Legends movement trick

Reddit user Birkeland1992 has uploaded footage of one of their favorite tricks to perform in Apex Legends.

The move involves hitting a jump pad after a sprint, soaring over a gap, then sliding into a nearby pipe at high speeds.

It seems a simple enough action to pull off, too, meaning anyone should be able to perform the Tony Hawk-esque stunt while playing.

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Interestingly, a Redditor in the thread made the Tony Hawk connection, telling the original poster that “Adding some [THPS] point tracking would be great.”

The video’s creator said they’re not tech-savvy enough to accomplish such a feat, but the point still stands. Sometimes, Apex Legends’ movement mechanics can truly go beyond a player’s wildest expectations.

In addition to tinkering with mobility tricks and the like, Apex Legends users are also preparing for the imminent rollout of Season 15.

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The next Apex Legends season will premiere on November 1, most notably introducing a character named Catalyst and a new moon map.

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