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Titanfall 2 easter egg finally uncovered with the help of Apex Legends devs

Published: 26/Mar/2022 20:48

by Alan Bernal


Titanfall 2 speedrunners managed to uncover an easter egg that’s been unsolved until now. Thanks to some helpful Apex Legends devs, they pointed people in the right direction to unveil this great mystery.

Respawn Entertainment are known for putting quite a few secrets laced throughout their projects. Some are so intricate and beloved by fans that they later turn into parts of a game’s lore, like Apex’s Nessie dolls.

The studio’s franchise before Apex Legends, Titanfall, is no exception. People have combed over the game and its sequel for every possible easter egg, and apparently, there are some that have gone undiscovered.


Apex Legends Narrative Historian ‘Frozenfroh’ shined a spotlight on the mysterious Titanfall 2 campaign secret after the developer who put it there gave him permission to tweet about it.

Titanfall 2 easter egg discovered years later

It was only a day later when Titanfall 2 speedrunner ‘Nextracer11’ published a video of the moment the easter egg was discovered.

During the Effect and Cause mission in TF2, the speedrunners found that they had to time-shift 88 times to access a secret room.

At first glance, it seems like a normal room. But when you time shift again, you’ll find two corpses; one electrocuted on the ground and the other one propped on desks doing the splits.


Fans quickly saw the connection between the bodies in the room and the famous Jean Claude Van Dam film ‘Timecop’ that paints a similar picture.

(Timestamp at 1:45 for mobile viewers)

The TF2 mission it’s found on incorporates a heavy past-present time skip function, so it’s fitting that the easter egg would incorporate a reference from Timecop and Back to the Future – a nod to the 88 MPH the DeLorean needed to reach to activate the flux capacitor.

Titanfall 2 came out in 2016 and it took fans six years (along with a couple of hints from the devs) to finally uncover one of the game’s best-kept secrets.