Apex Legends modders make improved firing range with unlimited ammo & aim training

Apex Legends Firing Range updateRespawn Entertainment

A set of modders have created an improved Apex Legends Firing Range fit with unlimited ammo and a moving aim training feature.

Season 10 of Apex Legends has arrived and players are enjoying the variety of new content that Respawn added with the major update. Whether it’s the brand new Legend Seer or the absolutely lethal Rampage LMG, the devs certainly knocked it out of the park with Emergence.

Despite how well received the update has been, there are elements of the game that players think need to be improved in upcoming seasons.

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One of which is the Firing Range that hasn’t received much attention from Respawn and lacks a lot of practice features compared to other FPSs.

In order to fix this, a set of talented modders have got together to create a new and improved Apex Firing Range, featuring unlimited ammo and even an aim trainer.

Apex Legends Firing Range modRespawn Entertainment
The Firing Range is the perfect place to test out Legend abilities and practice techniques.

Apex Legends modders create new and improved Firing Range

While the Firing Range in Apex Legends is great for testing out Legend abilities, a lot of players feel it’s lacking when it comes to practicing with weapons.

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Well, a modder wanted to fix that and decided to create an improved version of the Firing Range for themselves. One of the primary improvements of the build is unlimited ammo, a feature the modder says should already be in Apex by default.

This means there’s no need to run back and forth picking up ammo, it automatically restores, allowing you to focus solely on your aim.

It’s worth noting that the mod is based on a Season 3 build of Apex Legends, that’s why some of the ammo types look a bit strange on certain guns.

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Not settling for just small improvements, the modder also added an aim training feature that can be found in a lot of other FPS games,

This allows Apex players to practice snapping to moving targets, rather than just have stationary dummies to fire at.

A feature like this in the main game would make it significantly easier for players to improve at the fundamentals, as battle royales can be incredibly punishing for new players.

These are exactly the kind of improvements the Apex community is desperate for Respawn to add to the Firing Range. However, as a dedicated update to the practice arena wouldn’t be the most exciting addition to the game, it doesn’t appear to be at the top of the devs list.

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Fingers crossed Respawn takes some inspiration from the mod and potentially adds their own spin to an aim training feature.

While an overhaul to the Firing Range wouldn’t be the most eye-catching update in the game’s history, it would give passionate players a location to hone their skills.

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