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Apex Legends pro Snip3down calls for huge buff to Bangalore’s smokes

Published: 18/Aug/2021 14:26

by Alex Garton


Apex Legends pro Eric ‘Snipe3down’ Wrona has proposed that Respawn buff Bangalore’s smokes so they can act as a counter to Recon characters like Seer and Bloodhound.

Season 10 of Apex Legends has finally arrived and while the majority of players are still concerned about the power level of the new Legend Seer, others are thinking outside of the box and suggesting new ways of countering scan abilities.

One person with some grand ideas is Snip3down, who’s proposed a buff to Bangalore that would give the Professional Soldier the upper hand while inside her own smokes.

According to him, in her current state, it often feels like the enemies have the advantage when you’re seeking cover in your own smokes, especially with so many Recon Legends being the meta picks.


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Snip3down proposes Bangalore buff to counter Recon Legends

Taking to Twitter on August 17, Snip3down pointed out the issues with Bangalore’s smokes and voiced that it often feels like her tactical is a detriment to herself in gunfights.

With so many scans and the Digital Threat scope being widely available in the late game, he explained how easy it is for players to see you inside the smokes.

As a solution, Snip3down has proposed that Bangalore’s tactical nullifies her from being scanned, making it an anti-recon ability.

This would allow the Professional Soldier to maneuver and reposition while in her smoke, without the threat of being located immediately.


Not only would Snip3down’s buff idea push Bangalore’s into a higher tier, but it would also offer players a solution to the huge amount of scan abilities being used in every gunfight.

With Seer and Bloodhound running rampant across Apex in the current meta, a nullifying smoke could make all the difference, especially when attempting to reposition as a squad.

Whether Respawn takes note of this idea is yet to be seen, but outside of nerfing each of the characters with scan abilities, this could be the perfect solution.