Lifeline buff idea gives her shield back in Apex Legends but in a new way

Apex Legends Lifeline buff conceptRespawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player has developed a Tactical buff idea for Lifeline that brings her shield back in a unique way.

Out of all the characters on the Apex Legends roster, Lifeline is the only traditional support class that provides a heal to her teammates.

As a result of this, she’s remained a relatively popular pick among players since the game’s release and currently has a 4.3% pick rate in Season 12.

Despite this, since the removal of her res-shield back in Season 9, Combat Medic mains have been asking for Respawn to bring it back in a different way that’s more balanced.

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Well, instead of waiting for the devs to respond, Apex Legends YouTuber Archtux has developed a concept themselves, and it involves reworking Lifeline’s Tactical.

Lifeline Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Legends in Apex are split into Assault, Defence, Support, and Recon classes.

Lifeline buff would add a shield to her Tactical

Apex Legends YouTuber and modder Archtux has developed a new buff for Lifeline on the R5Reloaded server that gives her Tactical a shield when it’s deployed.

Similar to her old res-shield, when Lifeline places down her Passive for a heal, the shield will face the direction she is looking.

This allows her to block any incoming projectiles and heal up without the risk of being taken down. While the community has praised the idea, a lot of players have stressed that the shield will need a health bar so it’s balanced.

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Not only that, a lot of the community have expressed that they think this buff would be perfectly balanced due to Mad Maggie’s arrival in the Outlands.

The Rebel Warlord has a Tactical that can puncture through shields, making it easy to take out opponents on the other side. So, similar to Gibraltar, if this change did go through, Maggie would be a direct counter.

However, it’s very unlikely Respawn would ever bring the shield back, especially considering Lifeline already has a strong pick rate.