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Apex Legends Mobile beta adds Team Deathmatch, Legend perks, more

Published: 24/Sep/2021 13:17

by James Busby


Apex Legends Mobile will feature exclusive content that is not currently available in the console and PC versions of the game. 

The Apex Legends Mobile beta is well underway, giving players the chance to take the intense FPS action wherever they go. Despite the interest surrounding the mobile title, Respawn has remained fairly quiet on what features are included in this version of the popular BR title. 

While players can expect to see the same characters, weapons, and maps, the game’s fourth beta test has revealed a number of exclusive additions.

In fact, new screenshots have now cropped up online, revealing a first look at the title’s Legend perks, TDM game mode, and a bunch of other features that aren’t present in the console and PC versions of Apex. 


Apex Legends Mobile features exclusive content

Being able to get your FPS fix on the go is certainly an exciting prospect for many Apex fans, but a beta player has now discovered that the mobile version has a number of new features. Twitter user ThatOneApexBot posted their findings on the social media platform, giving Apex players a sneak peek at the upcoming content. 

While features like 3v3 Arenas and ranked will be familiar with PC and console Apex players, the addition of unique Legend perks, 6v6 Team Deathmatch, 10 squad matches, and Loot packs will come as a surprise. MURDABLAST YT also uploaded some gameplay footage of Apex Mobile’s 6v6 TDM mode. 


The player can be seen taking down their opponents on Thermal Station, a popular POI from World’s Edge. It appears that specific loadouts can be chosen, enabling players to practice specific weapon types and Legends. 

Exclusive Legend perks can also be unlocked, which gives you various skills that alter the game. In the example shown, MURDABLAST YT picked the AP-21 Warhead Fragment – a skill that deals damage to nearby foes whenever you land shots with a Sniper Rifle. 

It’s certainly an interesting addition and we’ll likely get more information regarding Apex Legends Mobile in the months to come.