Apex Legends mod adds infamous Smart Pistol from Titanfall

James Busby
Smart Pistol Apex
Respawn Entertainment

The Smart Pistol is one of the most iconic and infamous weapons from the Titantfall series, but modders have now managed to put the aimbot gun into Apex Legends. 

Apex Legends is home to plenty of deadly weaponry that has been pulled from Respawn’s beloved Titantfall franchise. From the laser-like Volt SMG to the versatile R-301 Carbine, there are plenty of lethal weapons for players to choose from. However, one Titanfall gun that has yet to be introduced to Apex Legends is that of the Smart Pistol. 

This semi-automatic lock-on pistol first made its debut in the original Titantfall, where it quickly garnered infamy for its ability to snap onto nearby pilots. While the game’s punchy pistol certainly lacked the range and power of its beefier counterparts, many players enjoyed the gun’s unique playstyle. 

Apex Legends modder adds Smart Pistol to BR

Smart Pistol Apex
Respawn Entertainment
The Smart Pistol can instantly lock onto nearby enemies.

Apex Legends modders are certainly familiar with creating their own content for Respawn’s battle royale title. This is thanks to R5Reloaded, which is a non-official modded build of Apex Legends. This moddable client allows players to make custom lobbies, new weapons, and even add ridiculous abilities

However, YouTuber Skeptation has taken this a step further with their recreation of Titanfall’s infamous Smart Pistol. During the clip, Skeptation demonstrates just how lethal the Smart Pistol would be if it were to be added to Apex Legends. 

The player approaches a singular test dummy, then unleashes round after round of auto-targeted bullets. After quickly chewing through the target’s health, Skeptation proceeds to obliterate a group of test dummies in a matter of seconds. 

If that wasn’t bad enough, the modified RE-45 even comes packed with the dreaded Smart Pistol sound effect, which is enough to instantly raise the blood pressure of any Titantfall veteran. Despite recreating this infamous pistol, Skeptation stated that they “don’t ever want to see this in the real game” and hopes Respawn “don’t get any ideas”.