Apex Legends players express concern about current leveling system

Although Apex Legends continues to go from strength to strength, there are still many improvements to be made. One of these includes being unable to earn Apex packs after a certain level.

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In Apex Legends, you are unable to earn packs above level 100 and there isn’t really a logical explanation for this. As this is a free to play game, which is also one of the reasons it has become so popular, players who put more time into this game will look to get rewarded for their efforts.

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The best free to play games on the market, have long term, free to play progression. Moreover, this wouldn’t negatively affect Apex Legends either, it would instead increase player loyalty. Apex hasn’t been out long, so this issue for players above level 100 will most likely come in to play down the line.

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Will players carrying on playing Apex Legends after level 100?

We don’t know the price of the Battle Pass, but this could fix this issue by enabling players to earn packs above level 100, thus rewarding their hard work. By the time players are at level 100, new shiny cosmetics will be out and if Respawn haven’t changed anything, their player count will decrease over the Apex pack cap.

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It really wouldn’t be a bad idea for Respawn to carry on rewarding players over level 100 with new boxes. This alteration would keep people playing, hoping for a shiny new Legend. Overwatch is an example of a game that has success with this process.

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An alternative to this could be prestige levels. Players could reset back to level one after level 100 and be given a new large shiny star so everyone knows how good their opponent is. People would still feel they’re progressing and would reward players that carry on playing.

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Do you think that Respawn should implement this idea? Get in touch with us via twitter @TitanfallBlog to let us know your thoughts.

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