Apex Legends composer shoots down YouTube copyright strike rumors

Apex Legends has become one of the leading battle royale games. Apex Legends composer, Stephen Barton has recently had a run in with another twitter user about copyright issues regarding Apex Legends’ opening music.

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This copyright issue was in regard to the opening 30 seconds of music that is played while you’re jumping out of a plane into Apex Legends. YouTuber DSPGaming stated that EA had loaded the 30 seconds of music into YouTube’s content ID system.

“The brainless idiots at EA have loaded the 30-second clip of music when you jump from the plane in Apex Legends into YouTube’s content ID system and all of my vids are now getting claimed,” he said.

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The Apex Legends composer that created the music, Stephen Barton, fired a response back in not time, saying it was unintended and happened because of an automation process.

He said: “Actually, no, they didn’t, and no they aren’t, and it’s being rectified. (it was automation, a knock on effect of releasing the soundtrack album to all digital platforms)…we’re working on it. Not intended behavior. “

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It seems unlikely that this was an actual attempt by EA to copyright all videos that included this music. If you are concerned about the possibility, though, DSP Gaming suggests that you disable all music in-game.

Although Barton seemed to be rather firm in denying that this happened on purpose, he did concede that some issues had arisen.

The controversy has been regarding the opening music to Apex Legends.
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It is currently uncertain how many videos were claimed by EA as a result of this copyright mistake.

What do you think about this latest saga regarding copyright of the opening Apex Legends music? Get in touch with us via twitter @TitanfallBlog to let us know your thoughts.