Apex Legends leak reveals new Cryo Grenades in the works

Fuse in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

A brand-new Apex Legends leak has revealed that the battle royale is set to get a chilling new throwable in the form of a Cryo Grenade.

Apex Legends has seemingly become the new go-to experience for battle royale players. Season 10 is a raging success, thanks to mostly well-received additions and its seen an influx of new players to boot. 

The new legend, Seer, has, as some players expected, been a little too powerful but this challenge has pushed players to rethink their strategy in gunfights going forward. Of course, these gunfights wouldn’t be the same without a tactical weapon thrown into the mix. 

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Since the game launched two years ago, players have used throwables in the form of Thermite Grenades, Arc Stars, and Frag Grenades. A new throwable weapon could be introduced soon, though, as a new datamine has uncovered something special. 

Apex Legends Season 10 EmergenceRespawn Entertainment
Season 10 of Apex Legends has proven to be a huge hit.

Cryo Grenade revealed to be in the works

Apex Legends leaker Shrugtal has racked up a reliable track record in the past. Now, his most recent discovery could change up the battlefield once again.

The Cryo Grenade was discovered through some thorough datamining, following the release of the Emergence update. Shown in its most basic form, the new throwable exists currently in an early development form. 

Lacking any proper details or high resolution texturing, it seems the Cryo Grenade was left in the game by mistake as a result of pre-release testing. Season 10 is still fresh with players, so an update down the line could implement the finishing touches to get this ready for battle. 

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Some players seem to think that the developers have been doing tests already. While it is unlikely the newest Legend Seer was launched to be purposely overpowered, others aren’t as convinced.

Seer has dominated the Apex meta since their arrival. Players are clambering for new ways to defeat the intimidating foe. Seer’s ability to view the locations of nearby players has enabled squads to blast rivals away with fiery aggression. 

The Cryo Grenade might just be the solution to stamping out the flame.