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Apex Legends leak reveals new Bloodhound event skins

Published: 4/Apr/2020 15:41

by Daniel Cleary


A New Apex Legends leak reveals first look at some of the cosmetic items scheduled for release during the upcoming “The Old Ways” Bloodhound themed event on April 7.

Another in-game event is on its way to Apex Legends servers and this time around it is confirmed to be based around the popular Legend, Bloodhound.

The Old Ways event is scheduled to be released on April 7 and, as always, Respawn has some brand new cosmetic items and skins ready for players to collect.

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Although some of the upcoming skins have previously been announced, YouTuber iLootGames has revealed how some of the new items will look in-game during his April 4 upload.


The first item and only original character skin revealed in the leak was the new Viking themed Wattson skin, titled the “Static Maiden,’ and is expected to cost 500 Apex Coins during the first few days of the event.

The data miner highlighted some of the other cosmetic items that fans can expect to see, with new weapon skins and charms also planned for release during The Old Ways event.

Topic starts at 2:33 for Mobile users

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The leak also showed a look at the new Prowler and EVA-8 auto weapon skins which both featured the blue and gold Viking patterns as seen with some of the other items available.


Another cosmetic item that was revealed was a recolor of one of Wraith’s legendary skins, with the fan-favorite legend set to receive a brand new look in the upcoming event.

iLootGames, YouTube
A first look at Wattson’s ‘Static Maiden’ skin from Bloodhound’s Old Ways event has been shared.

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Players will be able to pick up some of these cosmetic items through the Direct Purchase shop and also will be able to earn others when following the daily challenges in the exclusive event prize track.

The Old Ways event is scheduled to be released on April 7 and, as usual, will be live for 2 weeks for players to experience before eventually wrapping up on April 21.