Apex Legends is getting gun stickers like Warzone and players aren’t happy

Connor Bennett
Revenant in Apex Legends ice skin

Apex Legends players will soon be able to kit their guns out with stickers like Call of Duty: Warzone and Counter-Strike fans can, but some aren’t too pleased about it. 

Just like many other battle royale titles, Respawn Entertainment have given Apex Legends players to chance to collect plenty of cosmetics over the years, ranging from incredibly dapper character skins all the way down to holo-sprays for taunting fallen enemies.

While there have been some complaints about Respawn overstocking the cosmetics side of things – making some rewards feel just like filler – there are plenty of fans who are hungry to collect more.

It seems as if those fans will have the chance to do so too, with new leaks suggesting that gun stickers could be the next customization option that the devs introduce.

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Apex has everything from skins to weapon charms and holo sprays.

That’s right, Apex Legends players should soon be able to decorate their favorite weapons with stickers – just like Warzone and CS:GO players have been able to do.

The code for the stickers was first uncovered in early 2022, but on May 28, YouTuber HyperMyst gave players a first look at a handful of character stickers decorating a range of the battle royale’s weapons – including those that you may already have a rare skin for.

As the YouTuber shows, the first crop of stickers are the game’s characters in a more cartoonish and child-like form, rather than how they normally look in-game. And, of course, there is a Nessy one to boot.

The first look hasn’t impressed everyone, with some fans taking shots at Respawn for adding more cosmetics. “Fingers crossed you can only get them in sticker packs,” said one. “Charms and stickers, the two most useless cosmetic items possible,” added another.

As of now, there is no release stated for the new cosmetics, and it remains to be seen as to when they’ll be implemented to the game.

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