Apex Legends leak reveals first look at Laser Sight attachment

Bloodhound holding gun in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

A fresh set of Apex Legends leaks have revealed the first look at the previously uncovered Laser Sight attachment, with some details also being dropped about what they’ll do. 

With each new Apex Legends season, Respawn Entertainment shakes up the loot pool with new guns, weapon balancing, and the addition of new survival items as well.

It has been a few seasons since a brand-new hop-up was added to the mix, but before the start of Season 12, data miners were able to uncover an interesting new attachment that has been in the works for some time – Laser Sights.

Season 12 came and went without the exciting new hop-up arriving in the battle royale, but details about them have reared their head again in Season 13 and they could be arriving before long.

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A first look at the Laser Sights was revealed on May 27, with footage of the attachment being tested on an R-99 in Arenas mode being shared around social media.

Like in other games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, the laser sight appears in the middle of the player’s crosshair and is designed to make it easier to hip fire a weapon.

Redditor VyKost listed some details about what the laser sight will entail, claiming that players will have to decide between the laser and a barrel stabilizer – you can’t use both. Additionally, the laser will not be visible to enemies, so it won’t give away your position, and there will be different rarities that impact the success of hip firing.

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As noted, it’s been nearly two seasons since the hop-up was first uncovered, but now there is testing footage, it might not be too far away from actually being released.

Of course, Respawn has the final say on that and they’ll only release it when they’re ready. So, it’s a waiting game for now.