Apex Legends: Insane ability list leaked for unreleased character Rosie

David Purcell

Apex Legends players are always excited to hear about the possible introduction of new characters, but leaked abilities for Rosie suggest she might well be the best looter to have ever jumped into Kings Canyon. 

The unreleased legend was part of a popular theory that spread like wildfire across the game’s online community, written by reputable leaker ‘That1MiningGuy’. 

This teased that the upcoming legend could appear in the near future – most likely after Crypto – and now we have some potential evidence from the game’s files that suggest it could have actually been accurate. 

Respawn EntertainmentApex Legends players have been trying to work out who will be added to the roster next.

A new leak from the same user points towards Rosie having some very interesting abilities when she eventually makes her debut, and even sheds some light on a very useful accessory that she could have in her arsenal. 

The most eye-catching from the screenshot shared to Twitter, as seen below, is the ability to teleport by throwing a disc. 

While Wraith can move in a similar way – i.e. from one area to another under cover using her portal ability – it would be a first for the battle royale game, and one that will no doubt interest fans. 

Other lines refer to an ability to open secret compartments in loot bins, see loot contents through walls, and use a device to steal all nearby loot. 

This wasn’t the only piece of information shared by That1MiningGuy, though, as they followed that up with a second screenshot. This one shows something that may be useful for fans searching for leaks, indicating that Rosie will be referred to as “Loba” in the game files. 

There’s also a mention of “Translocating Thief” as well, which could be related to the teleport ability. 

@That1MiningGuy, TwitterMore information regarding unreleased legend Rosie has surfaced.

There is no way of proving that the contents of this apparently leaked information is accurate or valid until we have confirmation from Respawn Entertainment themselves. 

Even if this sheds light on the development of Rosie, it’s still likely early days and things could be set to change, but that won’t stop fans from reading into it in the meantime. 

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