Apex Legends could improve the Gold Body Shield with this simple buff

. 3 years ago
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Apex Legends players have been wanting a better buff to the Legendary (Gold) Body Shield since the in-game iteration doesn’t offer much of a reward for finding it, but that could change with a sweet new enhancement for the item.

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Once you land on King’s Canyon, it’s typically a mad scramble to get to the best loot. As it stands, if a player sees an Epic (Purple) Body Shield at their feet, then a Gold one across a battlefield, there isn’t really any incentive to risk the trip for the upgrade.

The difference between the two lies in the Gold armor’s Executioner passive, that fully replenishes a player’s shield if they execute a Finisher on an opponent. Though the moment for that to be useful in dire situations are few and far between.

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The Gold Body Shield might seem like an upgrade to the Purple armor, but a lot of players don’t see it like that.

Make the Gold armor truly Legendary

In a Reddit post, user ‘63425112942816’ had a terrific alternative for the Executioner passive that would finally give a team a reason to play around someone with a Gold Body Shield.

Their idea would give the Gold plating a buff that lets players wearing the shield revive their downed teammates similarly to how the Gold Backpack “reduces health/shield” consume times by 50%.

“[My concept] would encourage teamplay” the Redditor said. “Since, you know, you can revive much faster in tough situations.”

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A Purple Body Shield could get you just as far in King’s Canyon as the Gold armor.

Fitting pros and cons to the buff

The concept would definitely give players a worthwhile reason to prioritize Gold armor, but the Redditor also gave an idea for how the new passive would change how other players approach a battle.

“Right now,” the Redditor said. “Seeing the gold armor icon when fighting someone does nothing, since it’s essentially just Purple. With this buff, you’d want to take out that person sooner so they can’t revive their teammates quickly.”

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The Redditor’s concept wouldn’t boost Lifeline’s passive, so it would play out evenly with all Legends.

Similarly, they also took Lifeline’s passive into consideration. The concept would “behave the same as the Gold backpack” in that it would “reduce the normal revive time by 50%” excluding the effects of the Combat Medic passive.

The Redditor really thought out this idea, and it would definitely be a step above the current form for the Gold Body Shield.

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