Apex Legends HUD change would let you see your skin while playing

Alan Bernal

[jwplayer cgdaanpd]A portion of the Apex Legends community is requesting a slight update to the game’s HUD that would let them get more out of their cosmetic items’ and outfits’ intricate designs.

With over a year into its life-cycle, Respawn Entertainment packed their battle royale with dozens of cosmetics for every Legend. A typical annoyance, however, is the inability to actually see which skins you have on during a match.

A drawback of the FPS genre lies in the inability to see your character’s overall model design. This obviously doesn’t hinder gameplay but can be a nuisance, especially for those who spend a lot of money on cosmetic items.

But Apex players have grown quite fond of their collection of skins which is driving up a demand to have a better way of interacting with them, especially when playing.

The only time players get to see their character skins in Apex Legends is in the lobby or while dropping into that map.

“Our icons should change based on the skins we have equipped,” user ensteinalbert7 said. “Just a fun detail I think should be added since we can’t really see our skins haha.”

The icons they’re referring to are the ones located at the bottom-left of the screen where you can see the health and equipment of the team. Instead of having them be the default character model, some players think it would be a nice touch to mix up the graphics with the proper skin they currently have on.

Going back to the natural limitations of an FPS, this would be as far as someone would get to actually enjoying their own cosmetic outfit skins.

The changes to the HUD would display different Apex Legends skins.

However, while this idea generally got the approval of Apex players, a lot of them also agreed that something like this could have negative implications for new players.

“I think they don’t do it to avoid confusion while quickly looking at it,” one user said. Another added that “this would be very confusing for new players, [so] maybe a setting that you can toggle default off.”

While there are those that would prefer that Respawn work on parts of Apex Legends that would actually improve the game, this is a fun idea that the devs could dabble with on the side.

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