Apex Legends Horizon is still “busted” with multiple weapons despite nerf

Horizon in Apex Legends holding Gravity Lift beaconRespawn/EA

Apex Legends streamer Taxi2G has revealed that a few weapons are still “busted” when used with Horizon’s Gravity Lift despite the recent issues with her tactical. 

With Respawn making a few tweaks to the current roster of legends, players have been clamoring for a Horizon nerf, with many claiming she is overpowered as a result of her Gravity Lift making no noise. 

The Scottish astrophysicist hasn’t been properly reworked by the devs just yet, but the recent Spellbound event update has brought about some changes. 

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Previously, her Gravity Lift didn’t have an accuracy penalty when firing weapons, but that has changed according to some pros – even though Respawn didn’t mention it in the patch notes. It’s led to some claiming she is now “dead” in the meta, but it appears as if there are still some guns that thrive in Horizon’s hands when she takes to the skies. 

Taxi2G reveals “busted” weapons not affected by Horizon change

It was something Apex Legends streamer Taxi2G pointed out after a round of testing the legend, as he noted that there are a handful of weapons that don’t suffer a penalty. 

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These are the Wingman, R-99, Peacekeeper, Charge Rifle, and the Prowler. So, it’s not like it’s only off-meta weapons that are still shining, these are all pretty standard. 

The streamer noted that the Prowler in particular is “busted” when the Gravity Lift is used in close-range fights, though it does have a little bit of RNG when used further out. 

Given that the change appears to be more of a bug than a genuine change, it likely won’t be long before Respawn clears things up and gets Horizon back on track. 

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A few players, including ImperialHal, have claimed that the nerf is “embarrassing” but it appears as if you can still use Horizon with her previous power. You might just have to change up the weapons you run.

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