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Apex Legends Honor System idea would reward good teammates

Published: 21/Jun/2020 13:23

by Andy Williams


Borrowing from the likes of CS:GO and Overwatch, an Apex Legends ‘Honor System’ would allow you to reward good teammates while solving one of the game’s biggest issues.

Trolls and toxic teammates in multiplayer gaming are seemingly unavoidable. While there are occasions where leaving a match prematurely simply can’t be helped, players often take an early exit out of spite — leaving their teammates to fight a losing battle.

The story is no different in Apex Legends, where one player pulling the cord early or behaving poorly can spell disaster for the outcome of a squad’s match. Not to mention griefing, refusing to revive, or just generally being a bad sport.


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Caustic from Apex Legends.
Toxic behavior from one teammate can ruin the experience for the whole squad.

Turning to other games (such as CS:GO and Overwatch) for inspiration, ‘iAmCalli’ devised an ‘Honor System’ which would actively promote better behavior inside the server.

Essentially, you’d have the ability to ‘bless’ your allies for recognizing their efforts as a good teammate. As a result, players can progress through tiers — with each tier progression providing more coveted rewards.

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Leaving matches early would result in Honor Points being revoked from players, with connection issues being the only exception to the rule.

Apex Legends Honor System.
iAmCalli (Reddit)
The Honor System shares a similar blueprint to the Commend System in CS:GO.

To ensure players don’t ‘game the system’ and boost their friends, they would be capped to three blessings per day when partying up with premade squads.


Alongside the rewards available for your corresponding tier, you’d have a badge to sport in the pre-game lobbies — signaling the type of teammate that you are to your squadmates.

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A system like this could also be introduced as a variable when queueing for a match, whereby players with a better Honor rating would be more likely to find players of a similar caliber.

Apex Legends Honor System concept.
iAmCalli (Reddit)
With five tiers to progress through, the system could be used to match equally respected teammates with one another.

While the Honor System concept wouldn’t completely squash toxicity in the Apex Games, it would certainly be a step in the right direction.

Another player had a suggestion to simply introduce a points system for good behavior, where you could rank up and earn rewards. It’s clear there is a desire from players to see Respawn introduce some kind of incentives for playing the game how it should be played.