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Apex Legends heirloom concept equips Wattson with electrifying Sabre

Published: 8/Jul/2021 12:34

by Alex Garton


A Wattson heirloom concept that equips her with a Fencing Sabre has gone viral in the Apex Legends community, with fans begging Respawn to replicate the weapon in-game.

Heirlooms are by far the most sought-after cosmetics in Apex Legends, with some players opening hundreds of packs just to get a single one.

Although Respawn has implemented a system that guarantees an heirloom shard drop after 500 packs being opened, it can still be a long grind if luck isn’t on your side.

As these items are extremely rare, it’s important that each character’s respective heirloom is special and looks amazing. Now Revenant has finally received his own heirloom in the Genesis update, fans are calling for Wattson to get one of her own.


While most fans are simply waiting for Respawn to announce the rare cosmetic, Reddit user -Alfa decided to take it into their own hands and developed an heirloom concept that’s taken the community by storm.

Wattson Apex Legends
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Wattson was released in Season 2 of Apex Legends.

Electric Sabre heirloom concept for Wattson goes viral

A thread posted to the Apex Legends subreddit showcasing a Fencing Sabre heirloom concept for Wattson has gone viral, garnering over 18,000 upvotes at the time of writing.

Reddit user -Alfa has created an electrifying sabre for the Static Defender, making the blade of the weapon out of one of her Tactical fences.

This allows her to turn on the heirloom anytime she wants, electrocuting any enemies that stand in her way.


It’s obvious a lot of effort has got into making this concept, -Alfa has even made sure to program their own attack animations. According to them, they created everything in the clip using Blender and Substance Painter.

As expected, this concept got a lot of love from the Apex community, with countless fans begging Respawn to add -Alfa’s idea to the game.

One Reddit user mentioned the potential for some great puns, saying “I love this, it’s electric and it lets her make puns about fencing, it’s perfect for her.”

Another even commented that the bar had been raised for Respawn when designing Wattson’s heirloom: “Now you set the bar so high for Respawn. They better top this”.


There’s no doubt that the devs will have seen this concept, so let’s hope they take some inspiration from -Alfa’s design and give Apex fans the Wattson heirloom they’re calling for.