Apex Legends players call for Valorant-style Anti-Cheat to crackdown on hackers

Apex Legends Valorant anti-cheatRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends certainly has its fair share of cheaters, but a Valorant-inspired anti-cheat feature could greatly reduce their numbers. 

Following on from the recent “Save Titanfall” DDoS attacks, many Apex Legends players have rightfully been thinking about the current hacking problem in the game. Like every competitive FPS shooter, Apex Legends has players who utilize various hacks to get an advantage. 

Whether it’s utilizing aimbots, wallhacks, or various gun exploits – it seems that cheaters always find a way to beat the system. Not only do these players ruin games for everyone involved, but they also waste the time of every squad looking to get that all-important win. 

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However, a Valorant-style anti-cheat feature could help curb the onslaught of hackers for good. 

Apex Legends and Valorant-style anti-cheat

Apex Legends aimbotRespawn Entertainment
Aimbotting is one way hackers get an advantage over their foes.

While Apex Legends’ hacking problem may not be as rampant as other battle royale titles, plenty of players still ruin the fun. From hacks that make the Charge Rifle a laserbeam to top Apex Legends players using aimbot software, there has certainly been an influx of cheaters in recent months. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell whether you’re queued up with or against hackers until you face them on the battlefield. Even if you do manage to catch a cheater in action, the only thing you can do is report them. This obviously doesn’t instantly stop the problematic player from terrorizing the entire lobby. 

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However, one Apex Legends fan found that this issue could be avoided entirely if Respawn were to implement a Valorant-style anti-cheat system. Riot’s competitive arena-based shooter actively shuts down games when a cheater has been detected. 

Not only does this player get instantly punished, everyone who was present in that lobby avoids taking a hit to their ranked rating and win/loss ratio. This approach is certainly a lot more invasive than Respwan’s current anti-cheat, but it’s only because of such programs that Valorant can effectively eliminate unwanted players from its title. 

Whether Respawn will ever take inspiration from other competitive FPS titles like Valorant remains to be seen, but we do know that the developers will busy coming up with new ways to stop hackers in the future. 

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