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Apex Legends devs confirm fix coming for server-crash exploit in Arenas

Published: 8/Jul/2021 10:04

by James Busby


Just like every FPS shooter, Apex Legends is home to strange bugs and glitches. However, the latest Arenas bug has been causing a lot of trouble for players. 

Apex Legends’ Genesis update brought with it plenty of new exciting features, one of those being the ability to ping your own ultimate. Not only does this enable players to instantly notify their squad when their ultimate is ready, but it also shares the exact percentage of the ability’s charge. This is obviously extremely useful when communication via voice chat isn’t possible or if there is a language barrier. 

Unfortunately, this eagerly anticipated feature has proven game-breaking in the game’s Arenas modes. While bugs are common in new updates, this latest ping-based problem has been proven extremely frustrating to those that enjoy Arenas matches. 


Apex Legends Arenas server-crash exploit

Apex Legends Arenas
Respawn Entertainment
This Arenas exploit has proven particularly frustrating

Apex Legends’ Arenas mode has proven extremely popular amongst the community, with many enjoying the small, intense 3v3 brawls. However, a new exploit has been discovered that enables any player to instantly crash the game. 

The Arenas bug happens whenever a player goes into their inventory and pings their ultimate. Reddit user -Alfa- posted a clip demonstrating just how broken this exploit is. After pulling up their inventory, the player goes to ping Octane’s ultimate and is instantly met with an internal server error. 

This bug completely shuts the Arenas session down and forces all players back to the home menu, forcing all involved to search for another game entirely. This is obviously a huge problem, but Respawn has been quick to respond to the issue. 


“So…. firstly, we are currently deploying the hotfix for this as we type. Thank you for bringing this to our attention,” says rspn_exgeniar. We’ve been trying to be downlow and intentionally not responding to this issue, because acknowledging this is going to put eyes on this exploit.”

However, Respawn had no choice but to respond to the thread after hundreds of players began to encounter the game-breaking Arenas bug. Fortunately, a fix will only “take a few days to test on all platforms,” so a fix should be just around the corner. For now, though, it is best to avoid playing the game mode altogether.