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Apex Legends finally getting long-awaited feature to combat toxic players

Published: 12/Dec/2021 16:11

by Lawrence Scotti


An Apex Legends data miner found new game files suggesting the FPS is finally getting new features to combat toxicity.

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has been looking for ways to combat toxicity between players for quite some time.

Like plenty of other games, you are able to report toxic teammates and avoid playing with them in the future, but players have wanted additional changes.

Now, a new leak suggests the battle royale will finally be getting some long-awaited changes to fight off undesirable player conduct, involving a feature that can automatically mute players.

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Apex Legends leaks reveal new features

KralRindo, a reliable Apex Legends leaker and data miner found some game files suggesting new anti-toxic behavioral features are coming to the game.


Their tweet about the files they found reads: “‘Chat Filter’ localizations added with the latest patch. ‘Determines which players to receive text and voice chat from. Players who do not pass the filter will be automatically muted.'”

These changes, if implemented, would be a massive step towards combating toxicity within the battle royale.

The new “Chat Filter” feature could add an extra layer to avoid communicating with unsavory teammates.

Although communication is quite important in Apex, being forced to chat over voice-comms with annoying players isn’t fun for anybody, and hopefully, these changes will make the game a more positive experience.