Apex Legends hacker accidentally shows his cheats throughout Twitch stream


An Fortnite in the saturated battle royale market, beating its rival in the race to rack up 50 million players during the first month of release.

Nevertheless, Respawn Entertainment have faced a number of issues with hackers, revealing they banned over 350,000 players for exploits. Despite improvements to their anti-cheat system, it seems players are still finding ways to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents.

Players are still finding ways to bypass Respawn’s anti-cheat system.
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This was evident during a stream from EricTheUnready, who made no attempt to cover up his exploits during his live broadcast on June 10.

After launching the game, he can be seen typing into a command box, presumably enabling cheats that allow him to become almost unstoppable in-game.

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He openly advertises his Twitch channel to his squad and later on in the stream, one of his teammates informs him that his ‘ESP’ is visible on stream – adding weight to the argument that he is cheating.

ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception and gives the hacker information that he wouldn’t know otherwise. In this case, the streamer is able see enemy characters clearly through walls. 

Potentially realizing his errors, the streamer admitted that he will have to delete his VOD as his hacks are clearly visible to the audience throughout. Yet, left them available for all to see until June 11. 

The video has been taken down on his Twitch channel, and while the streamer has come under fire from other player’s in the game’s online community, who have reported his account, he is yet to be banned. 

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Recently, another Apex Legends streamer bjerrehusdk was accused of aimbotting after hitting some ridiculous shots, and his Twitch channel was suspended shortly after.

It is not yet known whether his hacks were the reason for the ban, but if so, EricTheUnready could suffer a similar fate soon. 

Last updated on June 11, 2019 at 6:55am (EST).