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Unbelievable Apex Legends death shows why Bloodhound deserves a buff

Published: 23/Apr/2019 20:47 Updated: 23/Apr/2019 21:40

by Alan Bernal


The Apex Legends community is begging for a fix or buff of some kind to Bloodhound after multiple players have been noticing a severe problem with their ability kit.

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Respawn Entertainment launched their battle royale early February and Legends have been fluctuating in favor with the community ever since. Now players have been taking issue with the Bloodhound’s “comically bad” scanner and are looking to the devs to make a change.

In a Reddit post, user ‘FunkyJazzStuff’ gave the best look yet into why Bloodhound’s kit could already use a huge buff or rework since it doesn’t appear to do anything that it’s meant to.


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Respawn EntertainmentBloodhound’s kit makes them sound like an incredible Legend to play, but the application is much different in game.

Bloodhound needs to open both Eyes of the Allfather

In the clip, FunkyJazzStuff is running up to the second floor of a building as Bloodhound in the middle of a fight. Like any good hunter would do, the player activated the Eye of the Allfather to take a peak for any threatening dangers that may lie ahead.

The scanner didn’t pick up a close threat around FunkyJazzStuff since it gave them the “No Hostiles” banner. But the player was shocked to find an enemy Pathfinder immediately around the corner of the building they had just checked.

Not being able to pull out their weapon and line up their shots quick enough, FunkyJazzStuff was swiftly downed by their opponent in what must have been a frustrating sequence of events.


“No Hostiles” I would actually use Bloodhound if they buffed his scan. from r/apexlegends

Apex Legends community wants a buff

Bloodhound is so far the only Legend in the game with the Tracker class, but it’s not really encouraging to use them after seeing FunkyJazzStuff’s video.

The community instantly chimed in with their suggestions to best buff up Bloodhound to give them some kind of edge over the other Legends.

“That scan is just comically bad,” Reddit user ‘Cephell’ said. “It should give a 180° coverage at least, be longer range and track enemies for 1-2 seconds. As it stands the few times I [got]  a good track on a squad, it was actually a DETRIMENT as the afterimages fucked with my perception of where the enemy is and got me killed.”


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Respawn EntertainmentA lot of players were attracted by the mysterious tracker, but problems with their kit is starting to show massive weaknesses for the character.

Bloodhound’s tracking abilities make them a great addition to any squad, but the community feels there needs to be some kind of fix for their kit that doesn’t seem to work as intended.