Crazy Apex Legends dropship glitch launches players out of bounds

Philip Trahan
apex legends valkyrie ultimate free fall header

A crazy Apex Legends exploit involving the respawn dropship is launching entire squads of players out of bounds in Ranked.

Apex Legends’ respawn dropship has caused some issues for players in the past, like an instant death glitch as part of Season 4’s launch.

Now, it seems a squad of players has discovered yet another issue caused by strange in-game physics surrounding the dropships.

A now-viral video clip shows a Valkyrie player using their Ultimate ability to fly towards a dropship, but the ship’s trajectory catches the Valkyrie’s squad and launches the team outside the map.

Apex Legends dropship glitch launches squad out of bounds

Valkyrie Apex Legends
Valkyrie’s Ultimate ability has been the subject of quite a few strange Apex Legends glitches across a number of seasons.

The clip that showcased the glitch comes from Reddit user ‘rnd765‘ on the Apex Legends subreddit, who made a post titled “Flew into drop ship as Valk and it literally shot me out of the map in a Ranked game.”

The clip shows the poster’s squad reacting to a nearby dropship with Valkyrie’s Ultimate ability as the team preumably plans to land near them and catch them by surprise.

Unfortunately, the squad flies a bit too close to the dropship’s takeoff trajectory, which collides with Valkyrie’s hitbox and sends them flying across the map.

Rnd765 speeds up the clip, but it appears the dropship launched Valkyrie’s team continually higher and higher without their control until they were once again allowed to descend.

By the time the Valkyrie player regained control, they were already out of bounds with no hope of landing back on the map.

The clip left many fans wondering why the dropship even has a hitbox after take-off, with one user ‘H3cticRiley‘ explaining that “What I believe happened is due to some overlying code used in Titanfall 2 to make jumping around on moving platforms less weird.”

Basically, the idea is that Titanfall 2’s leftover dropship code altered the Valkyrie player’s velocity to that of the ship taking off, which caused the Valkyrie player to continually rise higher off the map.