Apex Legends drops first official teaser for next map

Apex Legends map Encore on Boreas.Respawn Entertainment

The first teaser for the next Apex Legends map has arrived and it looks as if players might be taking an extended trip to Seer’s homeworld.

The Apex Legends map rotation has become quite extensive over the course of 14 seasons and it’s nearly time for one more battleground to join the four-arena rotation.

In the first official teaser for the new map, fans get a subtle look at Seer’s home planet, Borreas, which is also home to the Season 10 Arenas map Encore.

Respawn debuts first teaser for next Apex Legends map

The teaser only offers up a brief glimpse of a planet outlined with an orange glow (and the moon orbiting around it) but that was enough information to draw some important conclusions.

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This planet-and-moon combo is likely Boreas. Seer’s official backstory notes that the moon Cleo was partially destroyed by a meteor on the night of the Ambush Artist’s birth, which fits the look of what is seen below.

While it’s still early to know exactly where on Boreas it could be located, someone was also spotted asking for their town takeover to be moved to the planet in another small teaser, making it all very likely to be connected.

Seer is from the city of Chikuum and made his name while fighting at Encore, the aforementioned Arenas map that debuted in the same season as the popular recon Legend, but that’s pretty much all of the information available about the world.

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Prior to this teaser, leaks about the game also seemed to link the new map with the moon Cleo, but until official word comes down the pipeline, players are left to wonder exactly where the fight will take them next.