Apex Legends devs respond after accidentally nerfing Bangalore

Bangalore in Apex Legends pointing her smoke grenadeRespawn/EA

Apex Legends devs have responded to an issue with Bangalore’s smoke, as it’s been given a significant nerf after the Chaos Theory update, making it much less effective.

As Apex Legends has a roster of unique characters, Respawn Entertainment have had to walk a fine line when it comes to buffs and nerfs.

They’ve said previously that they can’t give a legend too much power, even if they are behind on being buffed, and they can’t completely nerf someone who is strong – it takes multiple changes to strike a balance.

On this occasion, however, the change to Bangalore doesn’t seem to have been deliberate, but rather an unintended change caused as a side-effect of another tweak.

Bangalore's smoke in Apex LegendsReddit: giilgaa
Players have noted that Bang’s smoke is now pretty easy to see through.

In the Chaos Theory update, a change was made to FX particles, which has affected Caustic’s gas, Bangalore’s smoke, and Gibraltar’s Ultimate. Essentially, the reduction in particles has made it much more see-through – rendering Bangalore’s tactical pretty useless. They don’t have that visual block of the smoke to help them create a hiding space or flush out scared enemies.

As a result, players have been reporting the issue and asking Respawn to revert the change so that Bangalore’s ability can be useful again.