Apex Legends devs hint at scan meta changes coming in future updates

Seer Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends devs have addressed the scan meta that has taken over the game in the last few seasons and hinted that a set of changes are potentially on the horizon.

Balancing characters in Apex Legends can be a difficult task for the devs, especially if they’re overpowered at release, as there’s always a risk that a nerf will take away from what makes the Legend fun.

While Escape’s Incisive Instigator Ash is sitting comfortably with a 9.2% overall pick rate, last season’s Legend Seer has plummeted in popularity to a 2.1% pick rate.

Respawn decided to buff Seer’s Tactical slightly in the recently released Raiders Collection event patch notes, and they also addressed the infamous scan or “reveal meta” that the Ambush master helped to create.

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Seer Apex Legends TacticalRespawn Entertainment
Seer was released back in Season 10.

Apex Legends devs address future of scan or “reveal meta”

During the Seer section of the Raiders Collection Event patch notes, the devs addressed the scan meta that took over Season 10 and forced them to implement some huge nerfs to the Ambush Master.

Hinting at some potential changes in the future, they expressed that they’d be evaluating the Legends that fall into the scan or “reveal meta” and attempting to improve it over time: “We want to improve its feel while continuing to evaluate the reveal meta as a whole.”

This makes sense as Seer has completely fallen out of the meta and simply buffing his kit isn’t a long-term solution.

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It may require Respawn to change some of the scan abilities on a number of Legends, which could be what they’re hinting at by saying that they’re looking to “improve the feel” of the scan meta.

Bloodhound Event Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Bloodhound’s scans make them the most popular recon legend in Apex.

For now, it’s hard to know what changes Respawn has in mind, but with Seer sitting at such a low pick rate, it’s likely he’ll need tweaking if they ever want him back as a strong pick.

With the devs evaluating the meta as a whole, we’ll just have to wait and see which direction they decide to take the scan and reveal Legends, especially with new arrivals in future seasons.

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