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Apex Legends players divided over controversial Arc Star changes coming soon

Published: 3/Dec/2021 12:02

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have been left a little split after it was revealed that Arc Stars would be nerfed in the upcoming Raiders Collection Event update.

While they’ve never been a way to guarantee success, the three types of grenades have always played a big role in Apex Legends games.

A well-placed Frag will soften an enemy before you swoop in with a gun or ability, Thermites can fortify positions and prevent over-aggressive pushes, and Arc Stars can stun an enemy in place while also ticking down their shield fairly decently.

The Arc Stars have always been pretty powerful, and as players have been complaining about them in recent seasons, Respawn are giving them a bit of a tweak – with lowering the damage dealt from a stick being the biggest one.


Apex Legends character inspecting Arc Star grenade
Arc Star grenades have always been super powerful in Apex Legends.

With the changes being revealed as a part of the Raiders Collection Event patch notes, players have been a bit split in their opinions on the change. “Why the hell did they nerf arc stars?” asked Redditor JuiceEeEeE361, seemingly confused by it.

Some players, like HedgehogEmperor, believe Respawn have gone too far with the changes and punish the skill needed to pull off a stick. “Worst balance change I’ve ever seen, no more rewarding skilled shots. Huge nerf to Fuse, Ash, and Horizon too,” they said.

One player complained that the change is “lame as hell” while others suggested that they’ll no longer be picked up in matches. “SMH, nothing but frags and thermites (being used) now,” one player added.


So why the hell did they nerf arc stars from apexlegends

On the flip side, some players said that they are “looking forward” to the changes as they’ve been waiting for quite some time.

“God damn this has been needed for so long,” commented one pleased fan. “A lucky Arc Star stick shouldn’t determine an entire fight’s outcome.” Another, Brvtal100, added: “When you are actually good with Arc Stars, it’s a really cheese way to take out a whole squad. Comp teams know from experience.”

The change to the grenades will go live on December 7, though, if their usage does fall off a cliff, Respawn might have to switch things up again. We’ll just have to wait and see.