Apex Legends devs explain why nerfing “must pick” Legends & guns is vital

Connor Bennett
Apex legends Season 14

Respawn Entertainment have explained why they feel it’s important to nerf legends and weapons that become “must use” in Apex Legends as they aim to make it a “forever” game.

Just like its battle royale rivals, Apex Legends has gone through a number of different metas over the last few years. Though, unlike those, Apex also has additional concerns around its roster of legends.

Many players will stick with their favorite characters – be it because of their abilities or what cosmetics they’ve got unlocked for them – but there are times when it’s difficult to find success in the Apex Games without using one or two different characters.

Most recently, Valkyrie has taken that spot as a must-use character because of her Skyward Dive ultimate, but Respawn believes it’s important to try and root out these types of metas.

Respawn don’t want “must pick” metas in Apex Legends

Ahead of the launch of Season 14: Hunted, Respawn senior design director Evan Nikolic explained the team is always thriving to keep things from going stale.

“Anytime we see a meta gravitating towards something that becomes a must pick, a must do, that’s a non-choice that’s not interesting to us,” Nikolic told GamesRadar.

“So we have to go in there and tend to the garden, pull out a few weeds, trim the trees a bit, and get more interesting choices back in there.”

Apex Legends Prestige skin
Apex Legends Season 14 kicks off on August 9.

The Apex developers also want the battle royale to be around “forever” and that means keeping things new and interesting, while also being at the cutting edge with new innovations.

With Season 14: Hunted, they are bringing in some sweeping changes with the updates to Kings Canyon and tweaking weapons, but there are plenty of players who aren’t happy with the current state of the game. So, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens moving forward with the battle royale.