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Apex Legends developer hints at solo queuing changes

Published: 4/Apr/2020 9:42 Updated: 4/Apr/2020 9:46

by Joe Craven


Eric Hewitt, Senior Systems Designer at Respawn Entertainment, has responded to a fan’s concern about solo queuing in Apex Legends, hinting at possible adjustments coming in the future. 

Since its February 2019 release, developers Respawn Entertainment have worked hard to shake up the battle royale formula in order to keep their game fresh. This has involved the regular addition of limited-time modes, as well as adding a brand new map for Season 3. 

Despite this, one main complaint has been the limitation of trios as the game’s default mode. We have seen Solos added, but only as limited-time events. Respawn recently confirmed that Duos will be added permanently as part of Bloodhound’s Town Takeover


Respawn Entertainment
Bloodhound’s Town takeover is set to be the next event in Apex Legends.

The issue of ‘solo queuing’ became so great for one Apex Legends fan that they decided to message a developer about their concerns. They then shared the exchange on Reddit on April 2. 

“I messaged an Apex developer,” the individual said, “about solo queuing being one of the biggest issues in Apex and he replied almost instantly. Don’t ever tell me the devs don’t care about this game.” 

The player messaged Eric Hewitt, stating that solo queuing is “the only issue” left in Apex, explaining that it’s “very hard for the above-average player”. 

Reddit: u/apex12346
The exchange saw Ghost reply in one minute.

In response, Hewitt said that Respawn “have some ideas” on how they’re going to tackle the user’s concerns. He also expressed his gratitude for the user’s kind words. 


As the game’s default mode is trios, those searching for matches as solos are often partnered with random players, with whom they may not be able to communicate.  Similarly, above-average players may struggle to find teammates who are of a similar skill level and become frustrated with teammates dying or failing to support them sufficiently. 

It’s either that, or spawn in by yourself and try and take down trios.

Hewitt’s prompt response was praised, with many taking it as reflective of the wider hard work Respawn have put into maintaining their battle royale. 

While the quick response was welcome, only time will tell what in-game changes, if any, Respawn makes to try and allay the player’s frustrations.