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Apex Legends dev responds to calls for built-in damage meter

Published: 2/Oct/2020 9:10 Updated: 2/Oct/2020 10:01

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends dev Jason McCord has confirmed that Respawn have plans for a built-in damage meter so players can track things like badges and challenges. 

The second anniversary of Apex Legends is only a few months away at this point, and while the first year has been a monumental success for the battle royale, players are always wanting more. 

Be it new legends, new maps, new weapons, or new cosmetics, there is a constant demand for new things in order to keep everything ticking over. On top of these major changes, there are also plenty of calls for quality of life changes. 


These can be little things like a new menu for a certain setting or tweaking colors so something is easier for everyone to see. And it appears as if Respawn might soon be able to deliver one of the most sought after quality of life changes. 

Rampart shooting sheila in apex legends
Respawn Entertainment
Players have wanted to track damage for the longest time.

That’s right, throughout the first year of Apex Legends, fans have wanted to have the ability to track their damage in some sort of live way.

This would mean that they don’t just end up unexpectedly securing a badge or completing a challenge for a certain damage threshold and can actively see how far away they are from a certain number. 


One fan mentioned it to Jason McCord, Design Director on Apex Legends, on Twitter on October 1, and the dev didn’t miss a beat in responding. “It’s on a list!” he replied, offering no further details. 

Given that McCord didn’t expand on his first tweet, its hard to say just when we might be able to see a damage meter in-game – it could come in the Season 7 update or it could come in three seasons time. 

Acknowledging that there are plans for it, though, will no doubt delight many fans who have been calling for its inclusion. We’ll just have to wait and see when that is, however.