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Apex Legends job listings confirm mobile version and new features coming

Published: 30/Sep/2020 14:24 Updated: 30/Sep/2020 17:52

by Calum Patterson


A number of job listings at Respawn Entertainment provide valuable insight into what is coming down the pipeline for Apex Legends, including the long-awaited mobile version, new UI systems, and improved microtransactions and store options.

Now approaching its seventh season, Apex Legends is in a spot of limbo. Season 5 boosted the game’s popularity, and although Season 6 has generally been a success, most players are just (impatiently) waiting for announced features like crossplay, plus the release on Steam and Switch.


EA confirmed over a year ago now that a mobile version of Apex was coming, but it’s not due at the same time as the Switch release (fall 2020), and is expected later instead.

But, exactly what stage of development it’s at is unclear, as Respawn are still hiring for a number of positions related to the mobile game.

Apex Legends on mobile
Respawn Entertainment
Players are still waiting for the mobile version of Apex Legends, confirmed in 2019.

Respawn vacancies for mobile Apex Legends

One of the main hires being made is for a senior game designer on the mobile version. “We’re looking for a Senior Game Designer who will lead the design vision for one of our unannounced mobile games,” the listing reads (although it’s categorized in the Apex Legends jobs section, so no secrets there).

The game designer will “conceptualize and communicate new and engaging gameplay experiences”, as well as “establish player experience goals for designs, implement and tune features to meet those goals.”

Another job listing for the mobile Apex Legends is a senior technical analyst, who will “will work directly with the Apex Legends Mobile team and its partners to analyze and provide insights to make the game more fun for players.”

Apex Legends mobile job
Respawn Entertainment
Respawn are still hiring for senior roles on the mobile design team.

New UI systems and MTX designs

Beyond the mobile version though, Respawn are hard at work on the main game too. A new Senior UX technical designer will work on features ranging “from improvements to current systems like Ranked, Stats and the Store, to creating new UX systems that have yet to be dreamed of.”

It also appears that Respawn wants to make some improvements to their monetization systems in Apex. This includes both the in-game store, bundles, and microtransaction events (i.e. collect

ion events). A job listing for a Technical Designer on MTX events explains: “you will write code or script to improve the monetization aspects of the game, such as improving store menus, event structures, battle pass, and more.”

Season 7 is now fast approaching, set to release early November, and Respawn opened up a new studio in Vancouver earlier this year, so it’s all hands on deck to continue Apex Legends’ success. With next-gen consoles also coming, there’s lots of work to be done.

Apex Legends

How to get super jump with Octane’s jump pad in Apex Legends

Published: 13/Oct/2020 16:19 Updated: 13/Oct/2020 16:21

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have got a trick that lets Octane jump seemingly higher than normal when using his launchpad, though, it might be quite situational.

Ever since being introduced back in Season 1, Octane has helped shake up Apex Legends thanks to his unique movement abilities. 


The adrenaline junkie might not feature in every match in the same way both Pathfinder and Wraith do, but when he does, you can be sure to see him whizzing around the map using Stim or flying high with his jump pad.

Players have come up with plenty of movement tricks since his introduction, with Respawn going as far as tweaking the pad so that users can use a double jump. Yet, some players have gone even further, well, higher, than that. 

Octane in Apex Legends
Octane can regularly be found in Apex games, but not as much as some other legends.

It comes from Reddit user KILL2BKING, who pointed out that the tip might be pretty situational, but it should help you get the high ground over unknowing opponents. 

Quite simply, when an Octane jump pad is on the floor, you want to punch your way on it. Don’t run, or walk, use your melee attack right before you step on to it and you’ll start to bounce.

Now, if you really want to maximize the height advantage, let yourself float back down to the pad. You’ll then get a boost like it is a trampoline. Then, you can use your double jump to reach even greater heights. 

  1. Place an Octane jump pad
  2. Melee attack right before stepping onto the pad
  3. Take a bounce up and down like a trampoline
  4. Double jump off to new heights

As noted, while this tip is pretty useful, it’s also quite situational. Given that you need to bounce up and back down again on the jump pad, it can make you vulnerable to enemy attacks. 

At the end of the day, though, if you need to reach a spot that could you give a leg up in a game, the movement trick is certainly worth mastering. At least until Respawn make legends changes.