Apex Legends dev hints at highly requested change to gold weapons

Apex Legends wingman pointing to the skyRespawn/EA

A few changes could be set to Apex Legends pool of fully kitted gold weapons as players have been complaining about the sights that some of them are saddled with. 

Similarly to PUBG’s classic battle royale mode, Apex Legends lets players kit out their weapons on the fly with a handful of attachments and hop-ups. These attachments are in a tier system, with gold being the best, and common being the worst.

For the most part, you’re able to just pick these up off the ground, but there are weapons that are fully kitted out already.

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These gold weapons change every season or so, and while they are incredibly powerful, some players have gripes.


Many players, including Apex Legends professionals, would like to have the ability to change the sights on certain gold weapons, so that they aren’t using something that gives them a disadvantage.

They’ve repeatedly called upon Respawn to make the change. “Petition to allow us to change Optics on Golden Guns”, tweeted Cloud9’s Jamison ‘PVPX’ Moore, promising Respawn’s Josh Medina a tier 3 sub on Twitch if they do so.

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Perhaps to PVPX’s surprise, Medina did respond. The Apex Legends dev dropped a simple “!remindme,” referencing Reddit’s reminder system for when something happens.

Players certainly took it to mean that something is coming down the pipeline, though, celebrating in Medina’s replies. “ITS HAPPENING,” tweeted NRG’s Tanner ‘Rogue’ Trebb while another added: “Potential W incoming?”

Of course, this is a change that Respawn can likely only make once they’ve taken balancing into consideration. As much as some players would want to throw a 3X on the R301, that might just make it a little too overpowered.

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It’s also a change that, if it happens, would likely come at the start of a new season, rather than just be dropped in an overnight patch. So, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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