Apex Legends confirms Skull Town returning as new Arenas map

Bill Cooney

Skull Town is set for a return to Apex Legends sooner rather than later, as Respawn continues to hint at an updated look for the beloved POI in Arenas.

If there’s one spot in all of Apex Legends that brings back fond memories for veteran players, it’s probably Kings Canyon’s Skull Town POI.

The village nestled under a massive skeleton was one of the most chaotic and iconic zones to drop-in and explore in all of Apex, before being removed back in 2020.

But it could be making a comeback, going by Respawn’s hint at Skill Towns inevitable return.

Is Skull Town coming back in Apex Legends?

Respawn have been teasing the Apex Legends community about the return of Skull Town, which could paint it in a fresh light when it comes back to the game.

Out of nowhere on June 21, the game’s official account asked on Twitter “What if we brought back Skull Town?” and predictably, fans freaked out.

They followed that message with another a few days later that all but confirmed what Respawn plans to do with iconic POI.

Skull Town will likely return as an Arenas map in Apex’s new 3v3 mode, something fans have been asking for pretty much since the mode was announced.

This would make the most sense, because it wouldn’t require a full rework of the current King’s Canyon map, and it would also bring Skull Town back for players to enjoy, once again.

Now, will this new Arenas Skull Town look and play the same as the are we all know and love did? Hard to say, and the devs could very well make changes so things flow better for a 3v3 format.

Apex Legends Kings Canyon Skull Town
Players have been asking for the return of Skull Town, and it looks like we might actually get it.

When is Skull Town coming back?

There’s no telling when exactly the area could return to Kings Canyon, whether it’s in the next update (1.73) or sometime later in the future remains to be seen.

One thing’s for sure though: we can’t wait to play into Skull Town again.